SHT Engine Cooling Equipment

Why Choose SHT?


SHT Engine Cooling manufactures a wide range of engine cooling systems and packs, designed to meet our customer’s needs exactly. Whatever the environment, required operating temperatures, fluid pressures or available air-flows, our engine cooling products are engineered to provide the optimal solution.


Capabilities & Projects


Current projects range from 3750 HP V20 MTU powered dumper trucks weighing 672 tonnes to production racing cars for the works teams of several major European manufacturers including Lamborghini, and a number of conventional on and off-road construction, agricultural and special purpose vehicles.


What Industries Can Benefit?


Our cooling packs, radiators, fans, oil coolers, intercoolers and exhaust gas valve and cooler combinations (EGR coolers) have applications in all the following industries:

Motorsport & Racing
Construction Machinery
Heavy Equipment
Industrial Machinery
Military Applications
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Our Products

  • Off-road Vehicles
  • On-road Vehicles & Engine Builders
  • Industrial & Power Generation
  • Standard & Non-Standard Oil Coolers
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Coolers (EGRs)
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Technical Info

  • Design
  • Product Development
  • Testing
  • Quality Standards
  • Process Improvement
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Established by Oscar Serck in 1907 and National Aircraft Radiator factory from 1914 to 1918, we manufactured the water and oil coolers for, amongst others, the Le Mans winning Bentley 8s…

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SHT Engine Cooling is an engine cooling design and solution provider, and a manufacturer of low to medium volumes of complete cooling packs, combi-coolers, transmission, hydraulic and engine coolers…

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Located only 7 minutes away from Junction 7 of the M6, our plant is thoroughly modern…
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Design and Testing

Design, Testing and Manufacture

We use controlled atmosphere and  vacuum brazing for aluminium radiator, intercooler and oil cooler manufacture and stainless steel brazing for exhaust gas coolers (EGR coolers) manufacture and stacked plate oil coolers. We also retain traditional copper-brass soldering facilities…

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How We Can Help You

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